Why frozen foods block liners?

The Beck Liner™ can be used with almost any form of food.

Beck Liners™ are carefully designed to absorb a certain amount of water and when frozen this liquid forms a complete oxygen barrier. The complete oxygen barrier protects your product like no other material from freezer burn and dehydration. This also allows for a solid and completely uniform block of food without water or holes. With the product being frozen within 45 minutes the highest quality is ensured.

When processing the foods, the frozen block makes it easy to cut and bread and/or portion to exact measurements. This is of utmost importance to for instance fish burger retailers, as they need very exact dimensions and perfect quality in every burger. This is the same for fish finger producers.

Block liners can be designed to fit various dimensions. The food product can be shaped in various forms; In rectangular food blocks, by portion size, or even in a shape that matches your company's logo! It is only your imagination that sets the limits.