2014 - CSR People Prize 2014

In 2014 Beck Pack Systems was nominated to the CSR People Prize 2014 in the category ‘smaller companies with less than 100 employees’, with the following reason: “Beck Pack is nominated to the CSR People Prize – 100, because they through a dedicated approach to social responsibility has created positive change in the company. The company’s will to take a social responsibility has led to participation in the project Flekspilot, collaboration with Sandemandsgården and a commendable effort to improve the qualifications of uneducated employees.”

2013 - Dansk Industri Bornholm Initiative Prize

In 2013 Beck was awarded the Dansk Industri Bornholms Initiative prize with the following reason:
“Beck Pack Systems A/S is a lead example of a company that has refined their product and on that behalf can do itself justice on the American marked, amongst others. With Bornholm as their point of departure Beck is a company that thinks and acts ambitiously and globally and can retain the marked and not least their production on Bornholm.”

2009 - 3F Workspace of the year

In 2009 the employees nominated Beck to the 3F Workspace of the year. Beck was in competition with more than 60 other Danish companies and ended up in the finale with two other companies. A finale that Beck won and thereby Beck was the best 3F workspace of the year. See video (in danish)

2008 - The most inclusive company

In 2008 Beck was awarded the prize as the most inclusive company of the year on Bornholm.