Sustainable development and economic growth can and will go hand in hand.
If the global industries do not change direction, our planet may end where it is headed.

At Beck Pack Systems, we wish to lead the way by focusing on United Nations Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production.

We contribute to sustainability be reducing our CO2 footprint in production to a minimum. Furthermore, we contribute by keeping our products 100 percent biodegradable. Already today we meet United Nations climate goal 12.5 and the EU Directives 1 and 2 regarding Packaging and packaging waste.

For years worked tirelessly to ensure our sustainability on four vital parameters; biodegradability, fuel values, CO2 emission and our suppliers.

Our main product, the Beck Liner, is biodegradable. Research shows, that the wax in the liner is app. 75 percent naturally degraded after only 28 days. The degradation of cardboard starts as soon as the wax is gone.

The energy recovery of the Beck Liner is high and exceeds the value of the energy needed to dispose of the packaging through incineration. In other words, the liner contributes positively to the reuse of energy in a specialized waste management facility.

In 2018 we changed our production from using oil to gas, and we now emit 11.3 tons CO2 less every year. On top of that, we have made numerous smaller energy-saving initiatives to further reduce our energy consumption.

We place high demands on our suppliers. All cardboard suppliers are FSC-certified ensuring sustainable production and trade of paperboard and packaging. Our suppliers of cardboard produce from 100 percent recycled, reusable fibers, selected specifically to meet the high demands of food packaging.

In 2019 we initiated a complete overhaul of our business in order to identify areas, where we can do even more. The first energy-saving initiatives have already been identified and implemented. Many more will follow.

With respect for the future of the planet, Beck Pack Systems’ work to improve our sustainability continues.

Thanks to the United Nations for their initiative in the battle for a better climate.