The Beck Freezing Frame

Beck aluminium aluminum Freezing Frame for fish block 7.5 kg 16.5 lbs

Beck Pack Systems manufactures aluminium freezing frames that enable an efficient filling and freezing of the food blocks.

Our frames are unsurpassed in their ability to produce a perfect block with a dimensional tolerance of only ½ a millimetre. The frames form the block into a rectangle when they are placed into a plate freezer. 

The frames are extreamly strong and hold up against the pressure from the plates and the fish.

Freezer frames are readily available in XU, E and U profiles for single blocks.  We can also offer double frames and frames with customized dimensions.

Freezer frame bottom in stainless steel are attached or loose styles and can be customized to your block ejector.  

We also supply replacement bottoms designed for easy assembly.We can even help you change your existing frames if they don’t fit your current demand.