Beck-Lase is a method and system for permanently printing the Beck Liner during your block production.

It was developed to meet increasing requirements for sea food traceability.

A special ink on the Beck Liner reacts with a laser. It gives you the ability to print various information during block production. Information that is variable such as product type, date, hour, minute, second, batch codes, QR codes, barcodes etc. The information that you print on the Beck Liner can be in any language.

The print you apply will remain on the product from packaging to end users utilization.

Beck-Lase takes you to the next step in traceability and information exchange. It can be installed both on board fishing vessels and at onshore processing facilities. It's highly flexible and easy to integrate.

Beck Pack Systems together with our partner Domino can help you with integrating the Beck-lase system in your block production. Please contact us for more information.