About us

Beck Pack Systems began its foray into the packaging business more than 50 years ago. 

The owner of a local fish company that was already operating internationally asked Beck to help develop a packaging method that would preserve freshness and quality of the fish during the freezing process. The goal was for the consumer to eat fish that tasted like it just came out of the water. 

Through Beck’s ingenuity, a new product was born – The Beck Food Block Liner™. Over the years, Beck has used its innovative skills to further develop the liner into the product you experience today – the best performing block liner in the world. We guarantee consistency and quality.

Today, Beck Pack Systems delivers around the world from factories and sales offices located in Denmark and the USA. To better serve the global market, agents are strategically located worldwide to service primary and secondary processors.

Beck’s signature product, the 16.5 lb Beck Carepack Liner™, is primarily used in the seafood industry. Beck liners are commonly used to process whitefish into boneless and skinless fillets and ensure premium quality. Beck also customizes liners for freezing other types of products. Custom printing is available in a wide range of styles and colors.

Beck is passionate about high quality and safety. Our products and process have numerous certifications that guarantee the highest quality and safety standard for food industries worldwide.